Class 1: Begin the class by passing out the Canine Anatomy Activity. Have the students fill out the activity to the best of their knowledge. Hand out the Basic Canine & Feline Anatomy Vocabulary Handout which may be used as reference material during the presentation. Show slide 1-35 of Basic Canine & Feline Anatomy. Hand out the Feline Heart Anatomy Activity.

Class 2: Begin the presentation by quickly reviewing slides 1-35. Continue with slides 36-84. Remind students to use the Vocabulary Handout. Distribute the Canine Reproductive Tract Activity.

Class 3: Begin the class by reviewing the Vocabulary Handout while briefly reviewing the presentation. Distribute the Canine & Feline Anatomy Project and allow the remainder of the class for groups to work. Then introduce the Digestive Process Projects for students to complete as homework.

Class 4: Begin the class by instructing the students to complete the Basic Canine & Feline Anatomy Crossword. Administer the Canine & Feline Allow the students to continue working on the project until completed.

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