Class:  Small Animal Management

Week:   6

Unit:  Breeds of Dogs


Warm UP
Monday-  Tell me 3 breeds of terrier dogs?
Tuesday-  Write a 1 paragraph summary explaining the type of dog that you and your partner have been assigned.
Wednesday-  Make a to do list on what’s left on your breed type projects.  
Thursday- Create a to do list on what is left on your breed type projects to be presented tomorrow.
Friday-  Prepare for your presentation.
Monday- Friday
Tuesday-  I will discuss how to present a presentation.  What that means is not just reading off of the slides.  Doing more than just adding pictures and explaining what those picture mean.
The instruction this week will be done by the students.  They will be presenting their breeds type as they finish them.  I will then answer any questions students may have and add any information that they have maybe missed.  
Students will spend their classtime this week creating a detailed 20 slide presentation, mobile with 20 informational pieces, or a board game with 20 facts to be covered and learned and then present to the class.  This will need to be over a breed type that I have assigned.  This will be done in partners  They will be graded twice a week on their progress to make sure students are completing their work.  When they have finished they will need to present that to the class.

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