Class: Leadership

Unit: The Ultimate Gift

TEKS: (A)  develop premiere leadership skills and collaborate with others to accomplish organizational goals and objectives through the demonstration of characteristics such as empowerment, risk, communication, focusing on results, decision making, problem solving, investment in individuals, resource use and access, service, listening, coaching, developing others, team development, understanding and appreciating others, enthusiasm, creativity, conviction, mission, courage, focus, principles, change, integrity, values, ethics, humility, perseverance, self-discipline, responsibility, community, diversity, global awareness and knowledge, innovation, intuition, adaptation, lifelong learning, and coachability;

(B)  develop personal growth skills and collaborate with others to accomplish organizational goals and objectives through the demonstration of characteristics such as attitude, exercise, goal setting, planning, self-discipline, sense of balance, persistence, respect, friendship, integrity, morals, values, etiquette, citizenship, cross-cultural awareness, acceptance of change, respect for differences, decision making, principles, dependability, loyalty, trustworthiness, communication, learning, critical thinking, reasoning, creative thinking, problem solving, self-discovery, coping, friendship, self-reliance, sense of balance, empathy, compassion, ethics, coping, courage, and self-image or worth;

(C)  identify opportunities for leadership development and personal growth;

(D)  demonstrate democratic principles in conducting effective meetings;

(E)  describe team dynamics; and

(F)  describe the development of organizational vision, mission, and goals through strategic planning processes.

Warm Up-
Monday- Wednesday:  Watch the Ultimate Gift
Thursday-  Class discussion over the Ultimate Gift
Friday:  Essay over the Ultimate Gift
Monday-  No practice
Tuesday-  With your group discuss of the gifts we have discussed which is the most important and why?  Please create a poster board explaining your gift.
Wednesday-  “Ultimate Gift Movie”
Thursday-  Essay outline
Friday-  Sub Essay

Jan 2nd-6th


Class:  Professional Standards

Unit: Social Media


Warm Up-
Monday-  Motivation Monday
Tuesday-  Gossip Girl
Wednesday-  What is 1 thing you can do to clean up your social media.
Thursday-  Social Media Survey
Friday-  TED talk on Social Media
Monday-  Introduction to class
Tuesday and Wednesday-  Social Media class discussion.
Thursday-  Social media quick fixes
Friday-  TED Talk Essay
Monday- N/A
Tuesday-  Find a celebrity who’s twitter or social media account is unacceptable and write 1 paragraph explaining why
Wednesday-  Fixing of social media
Thursday-  Social Media Project!  I want to know how fast you can get a positive useful post out to the community.  
Friday-  Social Media surveys


Warm Up-

Monday-  Motivation Monday

Tuesday-  Describe the term freshwater

Wednesday-  Answer 3 questions

Thursday-  Explain things necessary for a fish tank

Friday-  What type of rabbit would you be and why?


Monday-  Finish birds in exotics

Tuesday-  Fish

Wednesday- Guinea pigs

Thursday-  Review for part one of test

Friday-  Part one test


Monday-  Notes

Tuesday-  Start the fish tank activity

Wednesday-  Fish tank activity and seahorse video.

Thursday-  Review for test #1

Friday-  Test #1 and Fish tank Activity due


Warm Up-

Monday- Sub

Tuesday- Define the word exotic.

Wednesday-  If you could have any pet in the world what would it be and why?

Thursday-  Sub

Friday-  Motivation Friday (if football game)  if not TED talk.


Monday-  Sub

Tuesday-  Companion Animal Slides and Lecture

Wednesday-  Explain Animal Diversity Project

Thursday-  Paper

Friday-  Companion Animal Slides and Lecture


Monday-  Sub

Tuesday-  Breed charts, popular breeds

Wednesday-  Popular Breeds

Thursday-  Compare and Contrast breeds

Friday-  Compare and Contrast, and Fish Tank


Monday: Show the Breeds of Companion Animals: Exotics – Birds segment. Distribute the Breed Chart Project and the Animal Diversity Paper Project and allow students to work.

Tuesday-  Sub

Wednesday-  Sub

Thursday: Show the Breeds of Companion Animals: Exotics – Fish segment. Distribute the Fish Tank Activity and allow students the remainder of the class to work.

Friday: Show the Breeds of Companion Animals: Exotics – Guinea Pigs and Hamsters segments. Allow the remainder of the class for students to work on their Projects/Activities. Class 4: Show the Breeds of Companion Animals: Exotics – Rabbits segments. Allow the remainder of the class for students to


Class 1: Begin the class by passing out the Canine Anatomy Activity. Have the students fill out the activity to the best of their knowledge. Hand out the Basic Canine & Feline Anatomy Vocabulary Handout which may be used as reference material during the presentation. Show slide 1-35 of Basic Canine & Feline Anatomy. Hand out the Feline Heart Anatomy Activity.

Class 2: Begin the presentation by quickly reviewing slides 1-35. Continue with slides 36-84. Remind students to use the Vocabulary Handout. Distribute the Canine Reproductive Tract Activity.

Class 3: Begin the class by reviewing the Vocabulary Handout while briefly reviewing the presentation. Distribute the Canine & Feline Anatomy Project and allow the remainder of the class for groups to work. Then introduce the Digestive Process Projects for students to complete as homework.

Class 4: Begin the class by instructing the students to complete the Basic Canine & Feline Anatomy Crossword. Administer the Canine & Feline Allow the students to continue working on the project until completed.



Class: Small Animal Management

Week: 7

Unit: Breeds of Dogs


Warm Up-
Monday- Sub
Tuesday-  Create an outline for how you will present your final projects
Wednesday-  We will be presenting as soon as class starts
Thursday-  Sub
Friday-  Work on your makeup work list.
Monday- Sub
Tuesday-  Students will be given one final day to complete their projects.  If they are not finished this will be done for homework.
Wednesday-  I will instruct students on my expectations for their presentations watching and presenting and then students will present
Thursday-  Sub
Friday-  This will be a makeup work day if necessary.  If it is not necessary we will begin discussing nutrition requirements for dogs.
Monday-  Sub
Tuesday-  Work on breeds projects
Wednesday-  Presentations
Thursday- Sub
Friday-  Make up work or nutrition notes.

Missing Assignments

Just wanted to remind your class about the two assignments that were due on Friday.  That includes the Life of a Dog essay and the Breed chart.  I just put grades in and had a lot of missing assignments from last week.  Please get them turned in by tomorrow for partial credit.



Class:  Small Animal Management

Week:   6

Unit:  Breeds of Dogs


Warm UP
Monday-  Tell me 3 breeds of terrier dogs?
Tuesday-  Write a 1 paragraph summary explaining the type of dog that you and your partner have been assigned.
Wednesday-  Make a to do list on what’s left on your breed type projects.  
Thursday- Create a to do list on what is left on your breed type projects to be presented tomorrow.
Friday-  Prepare for your presentation.
Monday- Friday
Tuesday-  I will discuss how to present a presentation.  What that means is not just reading off of the slides.  Doing more than just adding pictures and explaining what those picture mean.
The instruction this week will be done by the students.  They will be presenting their breeds type as they finish them.  I will then answer any questions students may have and add any information that they have maybe missed.  
Students will spend their classtime this week creating a detailed 20 slide presentation, mobile with 20 informational pieces, or a board game with 20 facts to be covered and learned and then present to the class.  This will need to be over a breed type that I have assigned.  This will be done in partners  They will be graded twice a week on their progress to make sure students are completing their work.  When they have finished they will need to present that to the class.



Warm up
Monday-  What is the point of a hound dog. What are they bred for.  
Tuesday- What are sporting dogs used for.  
Thursday- What even is the point of a non-sporting dog.
Friday-  What type of dog would you pick if you could pick any dog and why?
Monday-  Go over the hound dog section of the icev powerpoint.  Students will need to take notes over each breed as we go.
Tuesday-  Go over the sporting dog section of the icev powerpoint
Wednesday- Sub
Thursday-  Go over non-sporting dogs
Friday-  Go over terrier dogs.
Monday- crossbred activity
Tuesday- crossbred activity
Wednesday-  Sub
Thursday-  Breed chart
Friday-  Breed chart
Monday-  Let students know what we will be covering tomorrow.
Tuesday- T>O>D-  Tell me one breed of sporting dogs that was not mentioned in the powerpoint and explain the characteristics of it.
Wednesday-  Sub
Thursday-  Let students know what we will be covering tomorrow.
Friday-  T>O>D-  Journal entry for the day