Monthly Archives: November 2016


Warm Up-

Monday-  Motivation Monday

Tuesday-  Describe the term freshwater

Wednesday-  Answer 3 questions

Thursday-  Explain things necessary for a fish tank

Friday-  What type of rabbit would you be and why?


Monday-  Finish birds in exotics

Tuesday-  Fish

Wednesday- Guinea pigs

Thursday-  Review for part one of test

Friday-  Part one test


Monday-  Notes

Tuesday-  Start the fish tank activity

Wednesday-  Fish tank activity and seahorse video.

Thursday-  Review for test #1

Friday-  Test #1 and Fish tank Activity due


Warm Up-

Monday- Sub

Tuesday- Define the word exotic.

Wednesday-  If you could have any pet in the world what would it be and why?

Thursday-  Sub

Friday-  Motivation Friday (if football game)  if not TED talk.


Monday-  Sub

Tuesday-  Companion Animal Slides and Lecture

Wednesday-  Explain Animal Diversity Project

Thursday-  Paper

Friday-  Companion Animal Slides and Lecture


Monday-  Sub

Tuesday-  Breed charts, popular breeds

Wednesday-  Popular Breeds

Thursday-  Compare and Contrast breeds

Friday-  Compare and Contrast, and Fish Tank