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Missing Assignments

Just wanted to remind your class about the two assignments that were due on Friday.  That includes the Life of a Dog essay and the Breed chart.  I just put grades in and had a lot of missing assignments from last week.  Please get them turned in by tomorrow for partial credit.



Class:  Small Animal Management

Week:   6

Unit:  Breeds of Dogs


Warm UP
Monday-  Tell me 3 breeds of terrier dogs?
Tuesday-  Write a 1 paragraph summary explaining the type of dog that you and your partner have been assigned.
Wednesday-  Make a to do list on what’s left on your breed type projects.  
Thursday- Create a to do list on what is left on your breed type projects to be presented tomorrow.
Friday-  Prepare for your presentation.
Monday- Friday
Tuesday-  I will discuss how to present a presentation.  What that means is not just reading off of the slides.  Doing more than just adding pictures and explaining what those picture mean.
The instruction this week will be done by the students.  They will be presenting their breeds type as they finish them.  I will then answer any questions students may have and add any information that they have maybe missed.  
Students will spend their classtime this week creating a detailed 20 slide presentation, mobile with 20 informational pieces, or a board game with 20 facts to be covered and learned and then present to the class.  This will need to be over a breed type that I have assigned.  This will be done in partners  They will be graded twice a week on their progress to make sure students are completing their work.  When they have finished they will need to present that to the class.



Warm up
Monday-  What is the point of a hound dog. What are they bred for.  
Tuesday- What are sporting dogs used for.  
Thursday- What even is the point of a non-sporting dog.
Friday-  What type of dog would you pick if you could pick any dog and why?
Monday-  Go over the hound dog section of the icev powerpoint.  Students will need to take notes over each breed as we go.
Tuesday-  Go over the sporting dog section of the icev powerpoint
Wednesday- Sub
Thursday-  Go over non-sporting dogs
Friday-  Go over terrier dogs.
Monday- crossbred activity
Tuesday- crossbred activity
Wednesday-  Sub
Thursday-  Breed chart
Friday-  Breed chart
Monday-  Let students know what we will be covering tomorrow.
Tuesday- T>O>D-  Tell me one breed of sporting dogs that was not mentioned in the powerpoint and explain the characteristics of it.
Wednesday-  Sub
Thursday-  Let students know what we will be covering tomorrow.
Friday-  T>O>D-  Journal entry for the day


Monday  4 a,b,c,d,e,f


Warm up- Motivation Monday Video

If we did not get the oppurtunity to finish presentations we will finish them today.  Students will also be given their Dog Essay.  Where they will write a 2 page paper explaining life in the day of a dog of a certain breed.  They will research things like diet and temperments and need to include these in their essay.  We will also go over slides if they have not been completed.  


Tuesday 4 a,b,c,d,e,f


Warm Up-  identify this breed of dog on the board

Students will continue to work on their essay which will be due by Thursday.  We will go over slides if we have not completed them yet.  


Wednesday 4 a,b,c,d,e,f


Warm Up–  Work on essays

If students are not done with their essay they will work on that.  If they have finished they will be given the cross it up project to complete by Friday.


Thursday 4 a,b,c,d,e,f


Warm UP–  Incredible dog video


Students will need to bring a video of an incredible dog to watch for class on Friday.  With that video students will need to include the breed of the dog, description, and reasons why it is incredible.  They will introduce their dog and then we will watch the youtube video.  


Friday- 4 a,b,c,d,e,f

Youtube dog video day.  


Tuesday 4 a,b,c,d,e,f


Objective:  Students will research a breed of dog they find interesting and create a report over that breed


Show the Breeds of Companion Animals: Dogs – Sporting Dogs and Non -Sporting Dogs segments. Remind students to use the Vocabulary Handout as references. Distribute the In-Class Research Activity and instruct students to turn it in during Wednesday


Warm Up-  Talk to your shoulder partner quietly about what the most interesting breed of dog is and why?


Wednesday.  4 a,b,c,d,e,f


Students will be given time work on their research projects during class.  


Thursday-  4 a,b,c,d,e,f


Objective:  Students will be able to identify characteristics and interesting facts about all of the different breeds discussed

Show the Breeds of Companion Animals: Dogs – Terrier Dogs segment. Remind students to use the Vocabulary Handout as references.


Warm Up:  Answer the 3 questions on the board in your composition notebook


Friday 4 a,b,c,d,e,f


Review any necessary material from the presentation. Allow students to finish any uncompleted work. Students should then present the Breed Chart Project to the class.